H1N1 Test

Faster and Accurate reports from Metropolis - Leading reference Lab of India
Government approved H1N1 testing center since 2015

Difference between Cold and Swine Flu

Symptoms are not sudden

Symptoms appear within 3-6 hours

Fever is rare

Usually high fever

Mild body aches

Severe body aches & pain

Headache is rare

Headache is very common

Cough with mucus

Dry Cough without mucus

    Why Metropolis for Testing H1N1

  • Collection of samples and it's custody is maintained as per CDC guidelines
  • The test kit is FDA approved and MCGM's analytical guidelines relevant to method guideline is to be followed
  • Sample collection by highly skilled & trained technician
  • Special team for sample collection at home on call
  • Accurate report on SMS/email/call