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Proteins play an extremely critical role in maintaining fluid balance. Albumin, one of the key proteins keeps fluid from leaking out of blood vessels. Albumin also carries nutrients, hormones, and proteins required for blood clotting. If your liver and/or kidneys are impaired, serum albumins won’t be at their normal levels. With a simple blood test, your doctor can find out your albumin levels and interpret what your levels may mean for your health.

An albumin test is one of the tests to measure liver function. Symptoms associated with liver disease include: jaundice or yellow skin, fatigue, weight loss, swelling around the eyes, stomach, and/or legs.
The serum albumin test also gives an indication of chronic pancreatitis, liver or kidney disease. If you are suffering from these conditions, albumin tests can reveal how well your treatment is progressing and if there is an improvement in your health.

SpecimenSerum (Blood)
Related TestsLiver Panel; Protein Electrophoresis; BUN; Creatinine; Urine Protein
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