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Often disease that cause fever like Dengue, Malaria and Chickengunya have confusing symptoms and patients are put under a lot of trauma due to repetitive testing for same disease or a new test every day for a disease. This causes a lot of physical discomfort, mental trauma and most dangerously a delay in treatment. What is even more worrying is a scenario where an incorrect diagnosis may lead to life threatening situations. Hence it is important that a 100% sensitive, accurate and reliable test be conducted for diseases causing fever. In a sphere as critical as healthcare, time thus becomes of prime importance, and this is the lacunae that Metropolis Healthcare looks to fill, in its efforts to make diagnostic dilemma obsolete. The Multiplex PCR test helps diagnose seven common diseases causing fevers Malaria, Dengue, Typhoid, Leptospirosis, Chikungunya, West Nile Fever and Rickettsia. The test is seen to save cost and provide doctors to help faster diagnosis.
The Multiple PCR is done in real-time which extract nucleic acid of pathogens from whole blood. With a sensitivity and specificity of a 100 per cent , the test looks to provide a breather in terms of diagnosis to a country where according to certain estimates, 80 per cent of all illnesses are water-related.
Multiplex PCR test is expected to significantly facilitate fever screening and therefore speed up identification of patients suffering from various symptoms of infectious disease

SpecimenSerum (Blood)
Related TestsWidal Test, Malarial Parasite, CBC, Blood Culture, Urine Culture
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The Metropolis Edge

The Metropolis Edge

  • Report trusted by Doctors.
  • Global & National Quality Accreditations – CAP (USA) and NABL , Govt. of India.
  • Guaranteed error free diagnosis.
  • Bar Coded and automated process. No room for manual errors.
  • Specific normal range for Indian population built from 33 years of experience.
  • Sample collection from home/office.
Metropolis: Experience + Expertise

Metropolis: Experience + Expertise

Over the past 3 decades we have earned the respect of doctors and patients. Today we conduct over 30 million tests annually with accuracy each year. Our repertoire extends over 4500 tests and over 100 different technologies. Our customer care is available round the clock for any queries that you may have.

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