Folic Acid Test or Vitamin B9 Test

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Folic Acid is one of the many B-Complex Vitamins and is found in fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, meat etc. However folic acid in supplements is better absorbed by the body than dietary intake,
A deficiency in folic acid could lead to anaemia since it is required for healthy red blood cells. Folic Acid is extremely important in pregnancy or women who are planning pregnancy since a deficiency could lead to neural tube defects in the baby. Folic Acid also helps with cell and tissue growth and the creation of DNA, which carries genetic information. Taking 400 micrograms of folic acid during pregnancy can prevent brain and spinal cord birth defects such as spina bifida, according to the National Council on Folic Acid (NCFA).
Why should Folic Acid be measured?
B12 or Folate Deficiency
This test may also be used to diagnose B12 or folate deficiency. Signs of a B12 deficiency include diarrhoea or constipation, swollen, red tongue, bleeding gums, lack of appetite.
To Diagnose Anaemia
Anaemia is a condition caused by a lack of healthy red blood cells. Folic acid is necessary for the production of healthy red blood cells. Symptoms of anemia include pale skin, persistent fatigue and headache, sore mouth and tongue
Other Factors
People who suffer from Intestinal Disorders such as Celiac or Croh’s disease do not absorb enough folic acid and needs to be checked regularly.
Alcohol abuse and poor nutrition also leads to Folic Acid deficiency

SpecimenSerum (Blood)
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