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Genetic Counseling

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To Book Genetic Counseling Session at Metropolis at special price
Genetic counseling @ ₹1200

Genetic counseling is a communication process, which aims to help individuals, couples and families understand and adapt to the medical, psychological, familial and reproductive implications of the genetic conditions.

Genetic Counseling Involves

Risk Assessment

Interpretation of family & medical histories to assess the chance of disease occurrence or recurrence


About the natural history of the condition, inheritance pattern, testing, management options, prevention and support

Informed Choices

Discussion of different options available to make informed choices in view of the disease risk associations and non-directive assistance in the patient’s decision-making process

  • Discussing the most appropriate test with benefits & limitations

Understanding benefits

Extending the benefits to the family based on inheritance pattern

  • Discussing the risk management options

Genetic counseling session aims at
  • Increasing the family’s understanding of a genetic condition
  • Discussing options regarding disease management and prevention, the risks and benefits of further testing and other options
  • Understanding your genetic test results
  • Helping the individual and family to identify the psycho-social tools required to cope with potential outcomes
  • Reducing the family’s anxiety
Importance of Genetic Counseling
  • Babies-
    Useful at all stages of life. In neonates and babies - for screening/genetic testing.
  • Teenagers-
    Teenagers/Young adults being carrier tested for various inherited genetic conditions.
  • Adults-
    Assessing the genetic predisposition of adults as they enter mid-life to accommodate lifestyle changes.
  • Family History-
    It is significantly useful for individuals and families who have specific history and conditions
Genetic Counselors can help you in the following situations

Prenatal and preconception

For women and their partners, who are pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant


For children with genetic or suspected genetic conditions and their family members


For patients with cancer and/or their family members


For patients with diseases of the heart or circulatory system and/or their family members


For patients with diseases of the brain and nervous system and/or their family members

Assisted reproductive technology / infertility

For couples struggling with fertility or those who are carriers of genetic diseases


For patients living with mental illness and/or their family members

MHL offers genetic counseling via



Video Conferencing
MHL Genetics Team

Dr Aparna Rajadhyaksha
Consultant, Genetics Dept, MHL

10 years of experience in clinical pathology and clinical and biochemical genetics
Member of Economic Affairs Committee, American Molecular Pathology
Ex- Associate Medical Director, Miami Genetics Laboratory, Florida, USA

Dr. Jaya Vyas
(PhD Applied Biology),
Consultant, Genetics Dept, MHL

25 years of experience in Genetic counselling and Genetic diagnostics
Secretary to Board of Genetic Counselling India (BGC-I)
Recognised CAP and NABL Technical Assessor

Call: 8291-858-585

To Book Genetic Counseling Session at Metropolis at special price
Genetic counseling @ ₹1200

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