9 Signs You May Be Suffering from Diminished Testosterone

Throughout your life, your testosterone has played a critical role in your physical and mental health. And it’s easy to take all of this behind-the-scenes work for granted as long as everything is going smoothly. As with most things in life, however, it’s only when something goes missing that you understand the real influence it had, which is certainly true of testosterone.

At LaSara Medical Group, our team of men’s health experts understands the role that testosterone plays in your health and, more importantly, what to do when these hormone levels dip. 

The first step is recognizing the signs of diminished testosterone levels, which are both readily apparent and subtle. Here’s a look at some of those obvious and not-so-obvious red flags.

1. Sexual health

Let’s start with one of the clearer warning signs that you may have diminished testosterone levels — a decrease in sexual health. Testosterone is produced by your testicles and oversees your reproductive health, which includes your sex drive. If your libido isn’t what it used to be or you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction, lower-than-normal testosterone levels may be to blame.

2. Loss of muscle

Aside from your sexual health, your testosterone encourages lean muscle mass. If you’re losing muscle mass, despite keeping up with your regular exercise regimen, this could be attributed to low T.

3. Loss of energy

Another common complaint among those with low T is feeling excessively fatigued, despite getting adequate sleep. If your energy levels are low, it may be because your testosterone levels are low, which has both a direct and an indirect effect on your ability to get up and go. Testosterone supplies you with energy directly, but a loss in muscle mass can also leave you feeling less energetic.

4. Weight gain

Since your testosterone controls your lean muscle mass, if you have diminished levels of the hormone, your body may convert more energy into fat rather than muscle. 

5. Male breasts

In more moderate-to-severe cases of low T, you may develop excessive breast tissue, which is called gynecomastia. Men and women produce both estrogen and testosterone hormones, but in wildly different ratios, giving us our female and male characteristics. If your testosterone levels are low, your estrogen hormones may have more influence, which is why some men develop enlarged breast tissue.

6. Moodiness

As we mentioned in the beginning, testosterone affects your physical and mental health, which means that low T can lead to mood problems, such as anxiety or irritability. Of course, these mood problems may also stem from the other negative effects that low T brings on, but the bottom line is that, whether direct or indirect, low T can impact your mental state.

7. Memory problems

Researchers have found that testosterone may affect your memory. So, if you find yourself struggling with recall, it may be worthwhile to see if diminished testosterone is causing the problem.

8. Loss of body hair

Another sign of low T is a loss of body hair, including the hair on your face. Even though most men lose hair with age, if you’re experiencing a premature loss of body hair, it may be due to a decline in testosterone.

9. You just aren't feeling like yourself

Although we tried to be specific in outlining the more common red flags when it comes to low T, its effects can vary considerably from one man to the next. Sometimes a patient comes in complaining that he’s, “just not feeling like himself,” and that’s reason enough for us to take a look at whether hormone levels may be to blame.

If you’re experiencing one or more of these symptoms, it’s time to come in and have us run a simple test to determine your testosterone levels. The good news is that, if we find that they’re low, we can tailor a hormone replacement therapy to your unique needs to restore your quality of life.

To learn more about hormone replacement therapy and low T, please contact one of our offices in the Sawtelle neighborhood of Los Angeles, or our Encinitas location in San Diego, or our office in Tustin, California.

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