Routine Tests

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Preventive health check- ups of value up to Rs. 5000/- can help you save tax under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.
Opt for Metropolis, Your Pathology Specialist

Metropolis is a global leader in blood tests, diagnostics and wellness services. With operations across India, Africa, South Asia and Middle East, we are trusted by millions of customers for their inner health.

Our globally accredited state-of-the-art medical laboratories deliver millions of test results every year with utmost precision. Our rigorous 8-Stage MetProtocol helps us in prediction, early detection, screening, confirmation and monitoring of diseases.


  • Delivering Quality and Reliable Diagnostic Services since 1980
  • Widespread network of 100+ advanced labs & 1500+ centres
  • Highly trained team for pediatric blood collection


  • Globally Certified NABL and CAP accredited labs
  • Comprehensive range of 4000+ tests & panels
  • Convenience of blood collection at home


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