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  • Easycare New Pulse Oximeter

    New Pulse Oximeter

    4,500 3,200

    It is an easy-to-use, compact meter that provides accurate results of pulse rate and oxygen levels.

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  • JSB W01 Wheelchair Folding Imported

    JSB W01 Wheelchair Folding Imported

    8,900 7,120

    JSB W01 Wheelchair are flexible, can be folded and come with a smooth steel finish.

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  • Easycare Walker

    EC 913 L Walker

    2,600 2,000

    Easycare Walker is a walking aid is finely designed the best support which you will ever get for walking.

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  • Easycare Blood Pressure Monitor EC-9000

    EC-9000 Blood Pressure Monitor

    2,499 1,750

    Monitor EC-9000 provides accurate and reliable readings within the comfort of your home.

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  • Easycare Blood Pressure Monitor EC-9090

    EC-9090 Blood Pressure Monitor

    2,950 1,800

    Easycare Blood Pressure Monitor is very useful and convenient.

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  • Easycare Nebulizer EC-7011

    EC-7011 Nebulizer

    2,401 1,680

    Nebulizers use oxygen, compressed air or ultrasonic power to break up medical solutions

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