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  • stress management

    Master Package

    4,000 4,000

    Master package is recommended for people aged 35 years and above. It is for individuals who are at the peak of their life and are handling many things. It is for those who cannot afford to fall ill.

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  • Esr test

    Youth Package

    2,300 2,300

    Youth package is specially designed for the young. This package includes basic screening of major organs Kidney, Liver, Thyroid, Bone along with Diabetes.

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  • Package

    Senior Package

    5,500 5,500

    Senior Package is scientifically designed for ageing & the elderly. It is recommended for individuals with family history of Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Heart Disease & Anaemia.

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  • health care

    Health Total

    6,900 6,900

    This health care package includes a gamut of tests to reveal hidden chronic conditions. It is recommended for all age groups and individuals with clinical history. 

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  • Marathon Package

    Marathon Package


    Marathoners don’t know what is going inside the body. Both first timers and regulars marathon runners are at risk of injury and even death.

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  • Basic Package

    Basic Package

    1,200 1,200

    Simple health check up to give an overall indication of health and covers functioning of Heart, Liver and Kidney.

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